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Quality Policy


F-Tech is committed to provide quality products & services to customers through our program of continuous improvement that delight the customer through excellent performance and cost effectiveness. Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity. This commitment to quality applies not just to our products, but to everything we do.

F-Tech would strive to make QUALITY an important tool for the employees to achieve consistent organisational growth.


The best products and services are useless if they are not available when and where someone needs them. F-Tech's commitment to availability extends throughout the organization, at all levels.


F-Tech is committed to support our products and customers through industry-leading technical service, technical support and training, prompt and accurate answers to questions and handling of transactions, and timely follow-up on all matters.


F-Tech specializes in manufacturing stainless steel submersible pumps of 3, 4, 5, 6 and janta model (available in 7" submersible pump with 6" submersible motor and 8" submersible pump with 6" submersible motor) and horizontal & vertical open-well pumps. Our specialities are stainless steel submersible pump sets from 0.5 HP to 30 HP.