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All Pumps8" Pump with 6" Motor (Janta Submersible Model)

F-Tech's 8" Submersible Pump with 6" Submersible Motor are available in size up to 25 H.P. with flows upto 2400 LPM. V6/V8 submersible pump is ideal for agriculture use, lift water from canals & wells, etc.

Features of V6 - V8 (Janta Model) Submersible Pumps
  • Superior material of construction.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Lip seal and sand guard to prevent ingress of impurities into the motor.
  • Easy assembling, dismantling.
  • Both pump and motor are fully serviceable and utilize stainless steel, brass and noryl components for longer life.
Application of V6 - V8 (Janta Model) Submersible Pumps
8" borewell submersible pump with 6" submersible motor is designed for applications like:
  • Water supply to high-rise buildings, hospitals, raw houses.
  • Agriculture & Irrigation Systems.
  • Water Supply from Canals, Dams, etc.
Material of Construction - 8" Submersible Pump
Name of Parts Material Used
Pump Shaft Stainless Steel
Bearing Bushes Leaded Bronze /Teflone and S.S. Jacket with Nitrile
Diffuser Cast Irons
Impeller S.S. 410
Suction Bracket Cast iron
Outlet Cast iron
Hardware Stainless Steel
Material of Construction - 6" Submersible Motor
Name of Parts Material Used
Shaft Stainless Steel 431 / 410
Bearing Bushes Leaded Bronze
Thrust Bearing S.S. Seagment & Teflon Thrust Plate
Housing Cast Iron
Base Cast Iron
Connection Piece Cast Iron
Copper Special EC Grade As Per IS Standards
Stator Shell Stainless Steel
Operating Limitation - 8" Submersible Pump with 6" Submersible Motor
PARAMETERS Operating Range
H.P. Range 6.0 H.P. to 25.0 H.P.
Head Range Upto 110 Meters
Discharge At Duty Point 1200 to 2100 L.P.M.
Maximum Discharge 2400 L.P.M.
Operating Voltage 350 - 440 Voltage Three Phase
Maximum Temperature of Liquid 40° C
Max. Permissible Amount of Sand In The Water 50 Gram/ Cubic Meter
Max. Voltage Fluctuation +15% -20%
Version Three Phase,
From 4.5 kW to 18.75 kW, 415 Volt 50 Hz
# Due to continuous efforts in improvements, information furnished above is subject to change without notice